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Half a Century of Experience


Our company, A.T.S. Ateş Tuğla Sanayii ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi started production in 1974 with chamotte based refractory bricks and refractory mortars in the production facilities in the location of Rami-Topçular in Istanbul.

Our company, which moved its production facilities to Arnavutköy in 1988, reached to 8,000 tons of chamotte based refractory brick and mortar capacity per year, by taking the second tunnel furnace into operation in 1994.

Since 1994, our company has added "Clinker Brick" products to its product range. Our products that are sintered at 1,180°C, which is the highest temperature of clinker brick production in Turkey, continue to maintain its respectable place in our country for years with its durability, low water absorption rates and dozens of color and size options, under EKOS brand.

In 2007, our company continued its production by improving the production/sintering technology in its facilities in Istanbul to increase the product quality, capacity and options of clinker bricks.

In 2009, A.T.S. offered EKOS EKOTON, EKOS EKOTERM and EKOS-EKOPANEL systems to its customers in parallel with the improvements provided in the field of clinker brick. These systems are the result of our motivation of our company to pursue customer orientation and technological developments.

In 2015, A.T.S. established its new production facilities in Bozüyük Organized Industrial Zone and ended production in Istanbul in 2016 and then reached an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 square meters of clinker brick under one roof.

Our company was audited by TÜV-NORD in 2003 and it has been confirmed that it has already a quality management system which is in force and complied with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Since the year 2009, tens of kinds of products that A.T.S. has been currently producing are in accordance with TS EN 1304 and TS 4826 Turkish Standards.

We are one of the rapidly growing and developing companies in the industry in Turkey with the quality of our products, the importance we give to customer satisfaction and our continuous development desire.


Our Mission
The mission of our company is;

  • To put customers in the center, understand their demands and expectations, and design products that meet and even exceed those demands and expectations,
  • To offer products that meet the legal requirements and standards, which it is subject to,
  • To establish long-lasting relationships with suppliers,
  • To pursue the most advanced technologies in production and quality control processes,
  • To follow innovations continuously in product development processes,
  • To offer its products actively not only in our country, but also abroad,
  • To present the values to their stakeholders they deserve,
  • To be there for many years like this.



Our Vision

  • To be the most demanding producer in the clay brick cladding industry with the highest quality and the widest product range in Turkey,
  • To offer products and services that can be alternative to the imported products,
  • To be a strong economic value that can also serve abroad.
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