Ekos Brick


Ekos Clinker Bricks;

It will endeavor to provide the highest standards of quality and the highest level of care to its customers in the services and products it offers.

It recognizes that, together with all its employees, it is at the highest level responsible for the realization of its customers' expectations and commitments to its customers.

It will make its products and services in accordance with the standards, measure customer satisfaction and act transparently towards its customers in the information it provides.

It will develop and implement policies that strengthen the quality of life of its employees, the situation of the region where it is established, the protection of its environment and good relations with its suppliers.

It will pay attention to the continuous development, coordination and training of its human resources.

It recognizes the importance of carrying out this quality policy, high quality management, and producing positive economic results that will give its shareholders the right.

It shall ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System and shall make constant efforts to improve it.

In order to disseminate the implementation of the Quality Management System within the company, it will set its targets, implement them, revise and explain them.

It shall ensure that all employees of all levels work to fulfill the commitments set forth in the documents by announcing this Quality Policy and the set Quality Objectives to its employees, whose compliance will be continuously monitored and revised as necessary.