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What Is Chamotte, Why Is It Important?

What Is Chamotte, Why Is It Important?

What Is Chamotte?

Fireclay; obtained by cooking refractory clay and / or other raw materials and then re-grinding; thus, it can be defined as a pre-strength calcined raw material that contains no organic matter and salts.

What Does Chamotte Add To The Brick?

The use of chamotte beads, which are classified in different sizes, in the structure of the brick, makes the structure composite material, and increases the strength values much higher than the standard values and thus increases the resistance to fracture, abrasion and cracking.

For example, if the material is a type of brick used on the floor; Since the material will work under load, it will show high performance against abrasion, fracture and cracking. Most important of all; is the performance of the bricks against frost resistance.